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Please send your Suggestions, Feedbacks, Queries to No Refund for Wrong Operator/Country/Imei/Freezed/Unlocked/Apple Id Phones/HardLocked Phones

Mobile Unlocking Steps


You can access here to our wholesale pricelist. Pricing is negotiable as we are the direct source for all your unlocking needs. For questions about pricing or to discuss better rates please email us.





1. Wrong Operator / Country / Imei - we cannot refund how costly or cheaper it is. As many of sources have stopped giving refund. We would be happy if we can refund you. But in case we don't get refund so we can't refund you. So please check your imeis properly before submitting any imeis.


2. As you people know that we are totally dependent on sources who are almost unknown and belongs to other countries. So, Time mentioned on website is maximum. But in Some cases time may flactuate. We always like to serve you on time. Some times things are out of our control and we have to relay on them till they inform us about delay.


3. Imeis which once submitted cannot be cancelled. We don't work manually. Its totally API connected, which works automatically. As you submit your orders are forwarded to respective sources. So once imei is submitted, it can't be cancelled until unless source rejects it. We are not answerable to your customers if any delay, cancelled or other problem. Its your matter to reply your customer.


4. Credits will not be on given on credit basis any more. Sorry no harsh feeling but we have changed our policy to deal only in cash.


5. Many users on having problem starts calling, sms, whatsapp, email or any other for same problem.  We always tell you that if you have any complaint regarding unlock or enquiry do mail us at Some times we don't reply you, it doesn't mean, we have ignore your complaint, we start working on it, but it requires some time to rectify your problem. So don't feel we ignore your complaints and feedbacks but we always look forward for your mails.


6. Once phone is unlocked our job is done. We are not answerable if your phone gets Re-Locked or Barred by respective operators. We can't refund you. Even in case of codes generated and customers tells us that phone is blocked or already unlocked or freeze. We are not at all responsible for this.


Hence we request you to kindly support us by accepting our Terms & Conditions and convey same to your customers.


Once again we tell you to proceed with us only if you accept above terms & conditions. We need you but some things are beyond our limitations. Assuring you of our Best Service under our control and hope you can will understand things.


If you have any complaints / Enquiry / Problem in Price or payment just mail us at  We will get back to you in maximum of 24 Hours.


This will make our work easier. Thanks for understading


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